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Impressions from JavaLand: Program Commi...

Impressions from JavaLand: Program Committee

During the address of welcome, the members of the program committee enter the stage and talk about their work. Do you want to support this blog? You may help to finance the needed hardware. Donate Want to read more about software development? Purchase one of my books: Beginning Java Start application development with Java. Learn […]

Belong to the 50 first

How would your computer run a program written in human readable code? Know the right tools. And even if you’re new to software development, you’re able to verify your code. Why the square of int 65536 is 0. And, of course, learn software development with Java. Yesterday, I published an early version of my new […]

Beginning Java

Back in 2015 I created 4 sibling books about software development. Each two beginners and advanced books. One pair about Java development, the other about C#. For a couple of years, these books had just a title, but content. After finishing my JSF book and after all the sad things which devoured my spare time […]

Data base tables

Within this blog, and especially within my book “Practical JSF in Java EE 8” [1] I described the Books project. Some listings show the structure of the tables which are used by this app. But I did not describe all every table. In my poor opinion I assumed, it would be very simple to create […]

Restart blog

In August I promised to continue my blog. Sadly a relative had to stay in diverse hospitals from August till end of October and I spend a lot of time there. And during almost complete November I could not sit in front of a PC for personal reasons. My lessons learned: Do not promise anything […]

Live continues…

…and so my blog does. You may have wondered that I didn’t have written any article within this blog such a long time. Last year I agreed, when apress asked me to publish a new version of my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”. My book had been a living book so far. I […]

Mond im Wolkenmeer

Mond im Wolkenmeer

In Erwartung des Vollmonds bin ich hinaus ins Feld gefahren. In der Nähe nur ein Hof, über dem ich den Mond erwichen wollte, Doch es herrschte Sturm und die Wolken flogen über den Himmel. Erst 40 Minuten nach dem rechnerischen Mondaufgang fegte der Wind die Wolken für einen Moment zur Seite, so dass der Mond […]

Sunrise near Sechtem

Sunrise near Sechtem

In the early Saturday morning I usually ride my bike, driving a few kilometers to a small village called Sechtem where I by some bread rolls for the week. On my way home, the sun rised above a stand alone house at the outskirts of Sechtem. I stopped my ride and fetched my camera out […]