Web Development with Java and JSF

A Journey through Java EE Technologies whilst developing Web Applications with JavaServer Faces.

This is a living book. It will be enhanced and update frequently (current size apx. 350 pages). Once purchased, you’re able to download all future editions without extra charge.

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Java Lambdas and parallel Streams

This compact book introduces the concepts of Java lambdas and parallel streams in a concise form. It begins by introducing new supporting features such as functional interfaces, default methods and more. After this, the author demonstrates how streams can be parallelized in a very simple way. Within certain limits, no knowledge about the thread management is needed. Nevertheless, some basic elements in the context of parallelism need to be considered. Here, the book provides a variety of information and best practices.

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A book full of photos. Observe bees and other animals visiting plants. Recognize teeny details

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Java Lambdas and parallel Streams

The concise book about lambdas and streams.

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Java Lambdas und parallel Streams

German edition.

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Professionell Articles

.NET-Anwendungen mit Microservices behutsam migrieren

Sums up some experience in migrating an old VB application into a modern C# program.

Parallele Datensammlung mit Java 8

Short recap of lambdas & streams, quick introduction into Java concurrency and then build your own collector for the Java 8 parallel stream.

Published at heise Developer

JShell – Read-Eval-Print Loop für Java

Interactive Java with the upcoming JShell (Java 9).

Published at heise Developer

Neues aus der Java-Welt: JavaServer Faces 2.3

Learn about the new features of upcoming JSF 2.3

Published at heise Developer

Generics, Type Erasure und Fallstricke in der Praxis

Java generics, type erasure and other pitfalls.

Published in Java aktuell 01/2016

Reiches Aroma

Reflection and Annotation in Java.

Published in iX 08/2012

Auf Profikurs

New features of NetBeans 7.1

Published in iX 03/2012

Conference Reports

JavaLand 2016

Published in Java Spektrum 03/2016

Keine Stagnation bei der parallel 2016

Published at heise Developer

JavaLand 2016: Mischung aus Kontinuität und Abwechslung

Published at heise Developer

2. Kölner IT-Security-Konferenz

Published within my blog

JavaLand 2015

Published in Java Spektrum 03/2015

parallel 2015: Konferenz zieht Querschnitt durch die Parallelprogrammierung

Published at heise Developer

Zu Besuch im JavaLand 2015

Published at heise Developer

parallel 2014: Dritte Auflage der Konferenz zur Parallelprogrammierung

Published at heise Developer


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