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New NetBeans Dream Team members

NetBeans recently became an Apache project. Some people had been afraid that NetBeans ends up like OpenOffice, whilst others appreciated that step enthusiastic. I don’t know what future brings, but the NetBeans community is still vibrant. And the NetBeans Dream Team just incorporated seven new members.

NetBeans 8.2 available

During the last days, most news about NetBeans had been about the transition to Apache. Luckily this did not affect the ongoing development. NetBeans 8.2 had been successfully tested and is available now [1]. If you still get NetBeans 8.1 displayed, then simply refresh your page (in most browsers by hitting the F5 key).

NetCAT 8.2 starts

NetCAT 8.2 starts

Today NetBeans Community Manager Jirí Kovalský announced that a brand new team for the NetBeans Community Acceptance Test will be formed. Joining this team is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge of software testing as well as NetBeans.

NetBeans and the Java Platform Shell

NetBeans and the Java Platform Shell

In my last blog [1], I showed, how to use the upcoming Java Shell within a NetBeans terminal window. By now, this is fine using Linux. Using Windows, you need to install cygwin to run a terminal window, because the native windows prompt is not supported yet. And launching JShell within the NetBeans (cygwin) terminal […]

JSF composite components

Let’s assume, we use JSF to write an application which offers a simple registration form. This form queries the user for his first name, last name, and email. The page definition might be similar to the one following, but can’t we avoid the repetition of code?

Interactive Java with jshell

So far we used Nashorn to emulate a Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) for Java. But Java 9 can do better. This version includes a real REPL – the command line tool jshell. Although the Early Access (EA) version is not intended for production, you still can use it for interactively working with Java.