Suppose you are editing a JSF page. There might be a text field with a value, derived fom an EL expression.

<h:inputText id="title" styleClass="inputFull" value="#{}"/>

Placing the caret onto editBook, you might press Ctrl-O (Windows, this shortcut may differ on other systems) to invoke goto type. NetBeans displays a window to choose from and opens the associated class.

Starting with current developing build of NetBeans 7.3, it is also possible to invoke goto declaration (Ctrl-B on Windows). More than the first one, you may use it on methods and attributes too. Thus, just place your caret onto book or title (of the value expression) and switch to the suitable code. What had been possible for Java code is now enabled for JSF pages also.

A great performance boost. Thanks to the NetBeans team for implementing this proposal!

PS: You’ll find my JSF tutorial here.