In my blog, I publish a list of those books, I wrote a review for. Every book will be displayed in a table with this information:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author(s)
  • Publisher
  • Year
  • Language
  • ISBN
  • Short text
  • Reference to my rewiew

These information is written manually and has to be maintained for every category and language. Changing the layout (if more than just CSS) will be a huge effort.

Now, I want to develop a multiligual application for publishing my booklist in an easy manner. One goal is to publish this information from a single soure in diverse categories and / or languages. Every book should be listet in the appropriate category just by assigning this category. The layout may change and should be maintained at a central place to be used for all books.

Language, short text and reference will be shown in the target language (German, English, maybe others).

At the entry page of this application all used categories will be displayed. The font size will vary depending on the book count for this category. Every category wil be a link to the categorie’s site. Here, all books of ths category will be listet, sorted by publishing date of the review (newest first).

The user may change the display language whenever he likes. Initially the application will be developed in German and English. Other languages might be added technical simply.

The information about the books will be persisted in a database. First, development focuses on the displaying part. Information will be entered into the DB by SQL statements. Later on an editor’s dialog will be added to enter the information online.

Most of the reviews will be published by printed magazines. Maybe they publish a copy online via internet. Thus, the reference to a review will be a text and / or a link. I will publish some reviews by myself on my WebSite. These reviews will be stored in the DB too.

I’ll describe the development in the scope of my tutorial “Tutorial web development (with JSF)”. So far, parts of the technical background are fixed. It will be a web application.


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