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Interview with Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta published his book “Java EE 6 Pocket Guide”. I asked him some questions about this book and his intentions. The full interview is published by JAXenter [1]. Maybe they will publish the original English version on their English site too. [1]

Interactive book list

Its not really ready, the interactive book list containing my reviews. Anyhow, I decided to go online with a kind of preview: Developed as JSF-Application using NetBeans, I’ll report about the internals. The first of this series was my last article about a simplified language switcher. More will follow.

NetBeans 7.1 and more

I blogged last article apx. 2 month ago. I announced an application which shall maintain my book list. At this time, the NetCAT game startet: Community members were requestes to test the upcomming version. It took a lot of my time and I could discover some bugs which had been fixed and could contribute some […]

Reviews online

Reviews online

After some of my write-ups had been published by diverse magazines, one publisher send me a note that they puplished a review online too. Recently I discovered some more of my reviews published in the web. What a pitty! I had not been informed. Since these reviews are written in German I first linked my […]


I just finished my write-up of HTML5 (Klaus Förster & Bernd Öggl, Addison-Wesley). It will be published by the Linux Magazin, which published my review of HTML5 (Pilgram, O'Reilly) too. Take a look at my menu. You'll find Books. This list of my reviews will be comleted (with current state, apx. 40 reviews) probable this […]

Reviews online

Today Javamagazin published one of my former reviews online. Currently these reviews are available via internet: Follow the link on the left side to my write-up. If you like to buy a book, please use the button below the cover image. NetBeans Platform 6 (Galileo Computing 2008, DE) Java Sever Faces 2.0 (McGraw Hill 2010, […]