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NetBeans enhancements

I suggested some NetBeans enhancements. If you like such features too, please vote for them: Test code usually is separated from productive code, e.g. by usage of two folders like java/main and java/test. It is common to place test in the same packages as the code under test. In NetBeans, project tree, there are two […]

GlassFish 4 and UTF-8

Do you build web applications with JSF and GlassFish? And do you need to process inputs with characters which are coded with multi-bytes using UTF-8, e.g. German Umlauts? You might have recognized a strange behavior if you use GlassFish 4. Now, let’s check for the problem by building a simple application. With NetBeans, simply choose […]

NetBeans Java EE7

By now, GlassFish 4 is still not bundled to NetBeans daily builds. You have to install it separate as I described in an former article [1]. Do you want to know about the upcoming Java EE 7 support? A bunch of tasks and features is decribed in the the NetBeans wiki [2]. [1] [2] […]

Set up NetBeans for Java EE7

Set up NetBeans for Java EE7

NetBeans 7.3 is almost ready. I guess, it takes just a few day until it is available. Even though this version offers new great features [1], one thing is still missing: Support for Java EE7. You may wait for an update – or try the development version. This article describes, how to setup NetBeans with […]

NetBeans proposal: Unified method to cre...

During the current NetCAT game, I pointed out that division of projects into categories is not logical. While Ant based Java project resides under Java > Java Application (category > concrete project type), the Maven based one can be found under Maven > Java Application (Maven > concrete project type). I suggested to join both […]