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Multi carets editing

Multi carets editing

NetBeans 8.2 is scheduled to be released end of summer 2016. One popular feature is called pin watches. During a debug session you may define several watches in the variable window to view the current content of a variable or value expression. With pin watches you may pin such a watch directly to the source […]

NetCAT 7.2 starts today

For the future release 7.2 of NetBeans, today the Community Acceptance Testing (NetCAT) starts. This is your opportunity to participate on development of this IDE: Use an early version right now and report bug to the NetBeans team or submit suggestions for imnprovement. If you like to paricipate, subscribe the mailinglist [0] and register yourself […]

Geertjan read iX…

…and blogged [0] about my article ragarding NetBeans 7.1. You may read the whole article in iX 03/2012 or download it (upcoming) [1]. [0] [1]  

NetBeans 7.2 rocks

In the current iX 03.2012 you’ll find my article about new features of NetBeans 7.1. Beside lots of positive features , I mentioned one drawback: Sometimes project san during IDE startup takes a long time. Using NetBeans 7.2, which is scheduled for 3.Q 2012, this will change: The scan is performed faster and running in […]

Interactive book list

Its not really ready, the interactive book list containing my reviews. Anyhow, I decided to go online with a kind of preview: Developed as JSF-Application using NetBeans, I’ll report about the internals. The first of this series was my last article about a simplified language switcher. More will follow.

NetBeans contribution

Everybody has the ability to influence an open source project. All you have to do is to contribute. Not only source code, but bug reports, suggested enhancements etc. Today I got this mail from the NetBeans team. And was astonished how much it had been for just one version. And ther is still more, targeted […]

NetBeans 7.1 and more

I blogged last article apx. 2 month ago. I announced an application which shall maintain my book list. At this time, the NetCAT game startet: Community members were requestes to test the upcomming version. It took a lot of my time and I could discover some bugs which had been fixed and could contribute some […]