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Interactive book list

Its not really ready, the interactive book list containing my reviews. Anyhow, I decided to go online with a kind of preview: Developed as JSF-Application using NetBeans, I’ll report about the internals. The first of this series was my last article about a simplified language switcher. More will follow.

JSF, mark required fields

Don’t you know this: You have an application using some dialogs and each dialog contains some required fields and some, whiche are not mandatory. To disinguish these two kinds of fields, the required fields should be marked, e.g. with an asterisk. Now, what we want to do, is to write a central function which might […]

JSF: Insert a variable count of files

Outside of my tutorial, and therefore be compressed, I would like to report on this recent experience with JSF. In a Web application, the user can register for various services (features). After login, a summary page, which optionally provides information about individual features, is presented. The app comes with a bean, called SessionControlle, which instantiates […]