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Interview with Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta published his book “Java EE 6 Pocket Guide”. I asked him some questions about this book and his intentions. The full interview is published by JAXenter [1]. Maybe they will publish the original English version on their English site too. [1]

Admin functions added

I still found a bit spare time to develop some admin functions for my book list It’s not really complete, but today I launched a first version. You may take a look, which functions are enabled by JSF. And hopefully I’ll soon get time to write about the solution.

Interactive book list

Its not really ready, the interactive book list containing my reviews. Anyhow, I decided to go online with a kind of preview: Developed as JSF-Application using NetBeans, I’ll report about the internals. The first of this series was my last article about a simplified language switcher. More will follow.

Reviews online

Reviews online

After some of my write-ups had been published by diverse magazines, one publisher send me a note that they puplished a review online too. Recently I discovered some more of my reviews published in the web. What a pitty! I had not been informed. Since these reviews are written in German I first linked my […]


I just finished my write-up of HTML5 (Klaus Förster & Bernd Öggl, Addison-Wesley). It will be published by the Linux Magazin, which published my review of HTML5 (Pilgram, O'Reilly) too. Take a look at my menu. You'll find Books. This list of my reviews will be comleted (with current state, apx. 40 reviews) probable this […]

Reviews online

Today Javamagazin published one of my former reviews online. Currently these reviews are available via internet: Follow the link on the left side to my write-up. If you like to buy a book, please use the button below the cover image. NetBeans Platform 6 (Galileo Computing 2008, DE) Java Sever Faces 2.0 (McGraw Hill 2010, […]