The path from Almáciga to the coastal road winds its way down the steep slope. A villager comes the way up. He is in no hurry and remains at a railing to let us pass. At the next bend in ways we have a magnificent panorama. Perfect for a photo. The slope falls steeply down, but there is a railing in front. And so we stand here for the photo. “Go back one step, then I get you more into the picture,” says Lotte. We move a little bit. In doing so I will deal with the hand backwards for the railings, in order to determine how far it still is. But I do not feel any resistance. I can see how the safety railings fall down, as it is plugged into sand only. Grabbing into emty space, I lose my balance. With a surprised-frightened “Oh” I fall back steeply downhill. My visual field disappears. Instinctively, I closed my eyes. I feel, how it goes down in rotation. Here and there I hit hard onto something. Hopefully it stops soon, I think. Then, a bash. Finally, I stopped.

A few days later, I read in the firefighters and newspaper report that I am plunged 25 meters into the depths.

Well, now I’m on the mend, but still have to do slowly. In the institute, lots of work is waiting for me. And so I ask for your understanding that some articles that I have announced for this blog need a little longer.

Newspaper reports in Spanish und German. And a foto.