Today I launched my new web site

This site is related with my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”, which is a superset of my “Tutorial web development (with JSF)”. In fact, this book contains much more info than my tutorial.

By now, there isn’t much content on my new site. However, source code for part I (TinyCalculator) is available. Source code for part II (Books) will be receivable soon.

Web Development with Java and JSF

This book combines a theoretical background with a practical approach by discussing real applications. For demonstration, NetBeans is used to build these.

This book covers JSF, JPA, CDI, HTML, CSS, security, responsive design, web services and much more. For details, observe the book information at [1].

The book is a work in progress. Get involved early and get it now for an introductory price. All updates are included [2].