Developing web applications with Java, JavaServer Faces and NetBeans had been a great pleasure (and success) to me for a couple of years, when I first wanted to write a book about JSF in late 2010. At this time, I got in touch with some German publishers. My goal was to write apx. 200-250 pages about this subject, nothing more. “No thanks, too special” had been the common answer. And: “Great. Add some more pages, e.g, another thousand, and write about the whole Java Enterprise edition. Keep JSF smaller than 200 pages.” Frustrating answers.

Thus, I started to blog about JSF here in early 2011. Depending on my spare time and loosely coupled. And I became a member of the JSF (JSR 344) Expert Group. Sadly, at a late time, when almost the most work had been done. Unlike most of the other volunteers, I’ not a JSF implementer, but an expert JSF user. I hope, next round, I’m able to contribute early and more.

My tutorial about Web Development with JSF is still the most popular part of this blog, and I never gave up my intention to write a book about this subject. Over time, I switched from blogging in German to write about development in English mostly. And similar to the cited suggestion of this German publisher, I do not write about JSF only, but other JEE technologies and more.

I wanted to to enhance this writing. Now I have a deal with my family: If I pay for vacations, they grant me more time to write about this subject. Ok, to do so, I have to earn some money. That’s why I started a book project [1].

I gave it the title “Web Development with Java and JSF” instead of the tutorial “Web Development with JSF” to show you, it’s more than just JSF.

I’m going to publish soon in a very early stage. If you buy this book, you support me to write for you. Enter your email address at the book page [1], and you’ll get a notificaten once the book is published.

And, if you don’t like to buy a pig in a poke, I suggest, to buy the book for less than the suggested price, and, depending on completion, buy it again later on. I support this by starting with a low minimum price.

And your help is appreciated: Since I’m not a native English speaker it would be helpful if somebody revises grammar and diction. And technical reviewers are welcome too. As a thank-you gift I’m going to acknowledge all those people, who provided significant support. To me, it was a great pleasure to help other authors.