Back in 2015 I created 4 sibling books about software development. Each two beginners and advanced books. One pair about Java development, the other about C#. For a couple of years, these books had just a title, but content. After finishing my JSF book and after all the sad things which devoured my spare time [1] last year, I started to write theses books in the very early days of 2019.

But when a near relevant died at the end of January, I gave up my original plan to publish all of them together at an early state in February. I just start with one book, and publish the others as soon as possible – without any promise.

Today I’m proud to publish a first edition of my book “Beginning Java” [2]. It’s not only about beginning coding with Java. It’s about beginning software development with the programming language Java. Beside Java itself, I discuss the different approaches to run software, the building process, build tools, testing and refactoring, inheritance and interfaces, data structures and more.

This might be a cheap book. You may change the recommended price down to nine US$. Or pay whatever you want. I’m writing this book in my spare time. Maybe that’s crazy, cause I could earn much by programming, but I like to teach people. I would be glad, if you honor my work and support the writings.

It is a living book. Just in an early state and like the Java language never complete. Once purchased, you may download all future editions without extra payment.

So enjoy reading and stay tuned!