Tomorrow most christian people will celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus. Although they don’t believe into Jesus as the Redeemer, the Muslims respect him as an important prophet. And together with the Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the God of father Abraham.

If you believe in God as the creator of the world, and we have only one world, it becomes clear, it must be the same God. And if all people believe in the same, nobody has the right to denounce an other believer as unbeliever only because he uses a different name (Allah, Brahma, Father, Jahweh, Manitou, …) for God.

And if people kill “in the name of the great”, I assume they believe God must be weak and needs their help. But, if somebody created the world, he must be really great and does not need any help of murderers and terrorists.

I wish freedom and peace to all people on earth.
And to those, who celebrate it, I wish a Merry Christmas.