Last week I requested you to check the speed of my blog. On Monday the traffic on my server was comparable to the traffic I gained for some top articles (I’m always surprised, which articles become top for you ;-)). Thus, it had been a realistic test.

Thank you for testing!

Some people provided me detailed feedback: My blog is very fast now, except some interrupts whilst displaying parts of the advertising. As a consequence and to offer you a good page, I removed most of the advertising. I kept the promotion of my own books.

By this blog, I like to provide you valuable information about software development. As a member of the JSF expert group and the NetBeans Dream Team, I have some preferred subjects, but that are not the only themes I write about. And sometimes I add a political statement (usually in German).

Maintaining this blog and running the server is time consuming and costly. It’s a pleasure to write in my spare time. And if you want to support me with the costs, please feel free to buy one of my books. From time to time, people paid more than the suggested price. This is always helpful.

Thanks for buying my books and supporting this blog!

Enjoy reading!