I’m going to talk at the parallel 2016 [1]. It’s a software congress about parallel programming at Heidelberg on April 6th and 7th.

Beside other programming languages there are some session dealing about parallel programming with Java. I’m going to talk about Java Lambdas & Parallel Streams beyond intermediate and terminal operations [2]. This talk addresses programmers with good knowledge of Java including a basic knowledge of Lambdas & Streams.

And just after the conference, on April 8th, there an additional day full of workshops. I’m going to teach Lambdas & Streams from foundation to parallel programming [3]. This workshop combines my talks about Lambdas & Streams basics and the advanced one mentioned above with practical programming. A good knowledge of Java (but for Java 8 enhancements) is recommended.

I hope to join you!

In case you can not join there, but like to here about the Lambdas & Streams basics, you may visit the NetBeans Day Cologne on Sept. 9th. I’m going to teach the basic there.

[1] www.parallelcon.de

[2] www.parallelcon.de/veranstaltung-5063-parallele-verarbeitung-mit-java-%E2%80%93-von-grundlagen-zu-streams.html?id=5063

[3] www.parallelcon.de/veranstaltung-5064-java-lambdas-und-parallele-streams.html?id=5064