I’m going to speak at the PCSI annual conference in Dublin on 5th October 2016.

Web based Hospital Communication via Data Portal [1]

A quick view onto structured hospital communication. I’m not going to talk about technical details at this conference. But I can tell you, the portal is developed using the NetBeans IDE.

And at the JavaLand conference in Brühl on 29th March 2017.

JShell: Javas interaktive Schale als neues Juwel [2]

This talk is about Java’s new jewel, the JShell. I’m going to show the standalone shell as well as its tight integration into the NetBeans IDE.


[1] pcsi2016.org/programme

[2] www.doag.org/konferenz/konferenzplaner/konferenzplaner.php?id=522447&tag=2