NetBeans 8.1 is available now. And by this, the NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program ended. NetCAT is a great opportunity to everybody who is interested in improving this great IDE.

Participate the the next NetCAT game too! Your activities will be valuable and you’ll get feedback. Following is the feedback I just received about some of my activities.

And thanks to the NetBeans team, who did a great job!

Dear NetBeans User,

In the past you have taken the time to report or comment on issues that you 
encountered while using NetBeans IDE. A new version (NetBeans 8.1 
<>) has just been released, and we 
would like to inform you that the following issue(s) you reported or commented 
on have been addressed in the new release:

214307 <>	LowPerformance 
took 131879 ms.
233481 <>	[74cat] Cannot 
deploy module accessing SQL Server to GlassFish 4.0
236152 <> 
IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported type: <any?>, kind: OTHER
236636 <>	[81cat] 
NullPointerException at
241006 <>	AssertionError: 
Wrong diagnostic handler:$DeferredDiagnosticHandler@e5f508
246641 <>	[801cat] Rename 
throws away method parameters
251557 <> 
NullPointerException at 
252261 <>	wrong source format
252530 <> 
IllegalStateException: Attempt to mutate in notification
252975 <> 
int, java.util
252983 <> 
NullPointerException at 
252984 <> 
NullPointerException at java.util.ComparableTimSort.binarySort
253171 <>	"Transferring 
Maven Repository Index: Local" never ends
253708 <>	In Server 
Properties dialog Remove action menu on Servers does nothing
254084 <>	[81cat] No deploy 
on save for WildFly
254087 <>	[81cat] NetBeans 
does not recognize status of remote server
254253 <> 
int, java.util
255125 <>	[81cat] Report a 
New Task broken
255126 <>	[81cat] Step into 
without function
255294 <>	[81cat] 
AssertionError: Accessing Swing components. Do not call outside event-dispatch 

Please visit the <> website to download NetBeans 
8.1 <> and to learn more 
<> about the new release.

We appreciate your contribution to our efforts to make NetBeans software and 
features better for all users. And as always, we look forward to your feedback 
on how we can continue to improve NetBeans.

Thank you.

The NetBeans Team