With NetBeans, you are able to find or report task. To do such, you need to add a repository first. If you choose “Team, Find tasks…” or “Team, Report Tasks…” you may define a new repository. For example, if you want to report tasks to the NetBeans team, you create a repository with the URL “https://netbeans.org/bugzilla”.

You may connect to a repository of your choice using the Bugzilla or Jira connector. But, if you have a typo in the URL, then there is no editor to edit or delete the connection. NetBeans sadly offers the new-editor only. (Update 2015-07-28: There is such an editor. Read my next blog)

Fortunately you can use your favorite text editor to edit the connection properties:

On a windows system, locate the folder


If you use Linux, locate


If you’ve added a least one task repository, you’ll find a file named “bugtracking.properties”. That’s where the task repositories are defined in.