I suggested some NetBeans enhancements. If you like such features too, please vote for them:

  • Test code usually is separated from productive code, e.g. by usage of two folders like java/main and java/test. It is common to place test in the same packages as the code under test. In NetBeans, project tree, there are two branches, Source Packages and Test Packages. By a common convention, tests are named like the class to be tested with a postfix of Test, e. g. MyClass and MyClassTest The suggestion is to display a third branch Logical Packages, which is a merged view. Thus, a test are displayed next to the classes to be tested. [Task #239800]
  • When renaming a class, NetBeans offers the option to rename the test too. The suggestion is to offer a similar feature whilst renaming a package. [Task #240025]
  • When you write java code and refer a non-existent method, NetBeans offers a create method feature. When you edit a JSF page, NetBeans alerts missing property or missing method. I recommended to offer a create feature too. [Task #239818]