NetBeans [1] is a free IDE, which originally focused on Java. Thinking of web development, the developer also needs to deal at least with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Thinking of the JVM, there are Clojure, Groovy, Scala and others. NetBeans supports them as well, mainly by its powerful plugin system. Beside that, NetBeans offers strong support for languages like C(++) and PHP.

Although NetBeans today supports a couple of different languages, the main focus is to integrate well. Modern applications are commonly web applications, or at least contain a web based user interfaces. The Java Enterprise Edition is a de facto standard to built business and industrial applications (to avoid a holy war: beside Jave EE other software exists to perform theses tasks). NetBeans offers excellent support for this edition. Simply download the NetBeans Java EE edition and you might use the full software stack out of the box.

I want to present some useful small features of NetBeans, tips and tricks for the development with Java EE. I’m going to start a loose series in this blog soon.

Enjoy and stay tuned!