The Java User Group Cologne is a vital community. On Mon, 28th Nov 2016 we had an event about Java Security.

First Dominik Schadow talked about Defense in depth.

Dominik SchadowHe showed how to protect a web application on different layers, from the frontend over the network to the backend.  It’s not only our software where we have to built in security. Other components like the browser can be configured by our software to rise the level of protection.

Dominik promised to publish the slides on his web site [1].


In a second talk, Axel Fontaine spoke about immutable infrastructure.

Alex FontaineHe showed how to create smallest possible images containing a whole operating system including our software. This infrastructure images will be deployed as an immutable artefact to a virtual machine or into the cloud. Any update will deployed as a new immutable infrastructure and the former instance will be destroyed which creates another level of security.

Find more information about Axel on his web site [2].

Our host, the BridgingIT GmbH [3] not only provided the room, but beverages and pizza too. Apx. 40 attendees enjoyed this informative evening.

The next event will be on Dec. 12th 2016 about REST services [4]