A few days before, I reported about the Java Shell which is integrated within the NetBeans nightly builds [1].

There is another project, called prototypes-repl9 [2] which is compiled only once or twice a month. Until today, I only downloaded some full zip versions of this project. This seemed to be less stable and less up-to-date than the development version. But, due to a tip (from @OMihalyi) I tried the plugins only: And they integrate well with NetBeans 8.2 [applause]. The latest build is only few days old and seems to be really up-to-date.

The screenshot above shows the project page (as is today). You’ll find five links to the nbm files. Simply click and download them.

Next within NetBeans open the plugin editor (Tools, Plugins) and choose the download tab. Click Add Plugins and browse for the downloaded files. Finally choose Install.

Have fun with your Java Shell! For instructions refer to my former post [1].


[1] blog.mueller-bruehl.de/netbeans/netbeans-and-the-java-shell

[2] deadlock.netbeans.org/job/prototypes-repl9/?