On Friday, 17th we had another event at the Java User Group Cologne. An evening about Java web development with Apache TomEE and Vaadin. More than 40 Java enthusiasts participated that evening. The event was hosted by Faktor Zehn, the company which hosted the first NetBeans Evening Colonge, too.

The evening was scheduled from 6:30 pm till 10 pm. But due to a lot of informative stuff and many interactions with the interested attendees, it lasted till midnight. Frankly more than half of the attendees omitted the last talk, which started at 11 pm. Folks, even it had been really late, you missed an impressive talk!

Here some impressions of that evening (all photos by my, authorized by the speakers).

Andy Gumbrecht (Tomitribe) presents the application server Apache TomEE [1] and the micro profile [2].

Sami Ekblad (Vaadin) introduces the server side web framework Vaadin [3].

Teemu Suo-Anttila (Vaadin) hacks a short web application based on suggestions of the attendees. The result of the live coding is available online [4].

Jan Ortmann (Faktor Zehn) presents their framework Linkki to wire up applications with Vaadin. Unlike the other presented software this isn’t open source yet. But Jan promised it will become open source soon – just after polishing the code.

And the last talk introduced Java EE testing with Arquillian [5] (Andy again).

All in all this had been a very informative evening. If you missed this evening, you might vistit JavaLand in March. Most of the speakers will talk there. Me too. I’m going to talk about the new Java Shell.

Stay tuned!


[1] www.tomitribe.com

[2] microprofile.io

[3] vaadin.com

[4] github.com/tsuoanttila/cologne-jug

[5] arquillian.org