Hello all,

Usually I write about software development, preferable JSF, Lambdas & Streams, and NetBeans. I hope, my blog is valuable and interesting for you. Now, I need your help.Last week, my internet connection had been technically updated. The upload speed was increased from 700K to 5,5M Bit per second. Thus, you should receive the content of my site dramatically faster (if your download speed is enough). After some technically problems, the line is stable now.

If you have some time, please visit my site on Monday 20th a couple of times, click around,  and visit a lot of pages each. I like to get some workload, which differs from automated requests. Just to simulate workload by users visiting my blog asynchronously. And, if you have some more time, please send me a short statement about your impression of the speed. Spread the word!

Thank you!