During the next few moth, I’m going to attend the JavaLand [1] conference as well as the Parallel 2015 [2].

The first one resides in my home town. It’s a conference about various up-to-date Java topics. And you might meet some members of the JSF expert group there.

The latter one is a smaller conference specialized on parallel computing. I’m going to talk about Java lambdas and streams including parallel processing using streams.

And, starting next week there are some interesting days about NetBeans:

NetBeans Day Netherlands [3] and NetBeans Day Germany [4]

Sadly I can not attend one of those conferences. It’s carnival time here and as a father I have some other obligations ;-).

But, you might enjoy these days!


[1] www.javaland.eu/javaland-2015

[2] parallelcon.de

[3] pidome.wordpress.com/netbeans-day-februari-12th-2015-the-netherlands

[4] blogs.oracle.com/geertjan/entry/netbeans_day_in_germany