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Belong to the 50 first

How would your computer run a program written in human readable code? Know the right tools. And even if you’re new to software development, you’re able to verify your code. Why the square of int 65536 is 0. And, of course, learn software development with Java. Yesterday, I published an early version of my new […]

Beginning Java

Back in 2015 I created 4 sibling books about software development. Each two beginners and advanced books. One pair about Java development, the other about C#. For a couple of years, these books had just a title, but content. After finishing my JSF book and after all the sad things which devoured my spare time […]

Data base tables

Within this blog, and especially within my book “Practical JSF in Java EE 8” [1] I described the Books project. Some listings show the structure of the tables which are used by this app. But I did not describe all every table. In my poor opinion I assumed, it would be very simple to create […]

Live continues…

…and so my blog does. You may have wondered that I didn’t have written any article within this blog such a long time. Last year I agreed, when apress asked me to publish a new version of my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”. My book had been a living book so far. I […]

JavaLand slides

My talk about JSF at JavaLand had been a surprisingly great success – more than 200 attendees. I assume my slides will be available soon at the conference web site. For the impatient, here it is too: JSF – the GUI of Jakarta EE

JSF: import constants

With the current version of Java EE 8 / JSF 2.3 we can implement an internal navigation using enums. And this is what we use for Alumni’s [1] navigation. As an example we pick the forgot password link. 1 <div> 2 #{msg.lblForgotPassword} 3 <h:link value=”#{msg.lblRequestPassword}” 4 outcome=”#{Page.RequestPassword.url()}”/> 5 </div> Take a look onto line 4. […]

Custom Realm

Custom Realm

Do you remember the requirements for secure passwords? • We need an algorithm, which takes some time to calculate to prevent from brute force attacks (or at least to reduce its chance to success). JdbcRealm allows to determine the algorithm. • We need to add a salt to every password to protect against rainbow tables. […]

Securing my WebSites

In my book about web development, I’m describing how to build applications with Java EE 7 and Java EE 8 (including some step by step tutorials by means of NetBeans). One application is a social network app called Alumni. This needs to be secured. I finally installed TLS on my web sites (including this blog), […]

Living book. Pausing soon.

Living book. Pausing soon.

In 2014 I started writing my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”. My intention was to write a book of apx. 200-250 pages. In my book I combined the theoretical background with a practical approach by building real applications. Can you build applications with JSF only? Nope. A JSF app runs within a servlet […]