In 2014 I started writing my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”. My intention was to write a book of apx. 200-250 pages. In my book I combined the theoretical background with a practical approach by building real applications. Can you build applications with JSF only? Nope. A JSF app runs within a servlet container which is part of Java EE. Java EE provides a lot of other features needed in a real application, e.g. persistence, security and much more. Thus, describing real applications is much more than JSF only.

In fact my book grew up and became a living book: Once purchased you are able to download any further update without additional fee. Today, my book reached 400 pages and I have prepared some more interesting topic which will be added soon.

Beside this book, I wrote a short book, “Java Lambdas and Parallel Streams”. In 2016 Apress asked me to publish both books. I agreed with the short one. But for the JSF book I wanted to add more content. This year, Apress asked again and I agreed, because the book reached a state which is ready to become a printed book. Usually, one month after signing the contract with Apress, the book needs to be off the market. Since I feel engaged with my existing readers, we changed this: I’m able to update my book one additional month after the milestone of “acceptance” is reached.

Apress started to promote my book [1]. Thus, I expect this milestone to be reached soon. For my existing readers, this does not denote the end of updates, but a pause (one moth after reaching this milestone). Until then, I’ll provide new chapters as update. Once the book is published by Apress, I’ll provide additional information to my existing readers.

Although I stopped promoting the self-published version, it is still available for readers who want to read about this matter soon. Apress started copy-editing my book (and this wont become part of the self-published version). This means, you’ll get a better quality with respect to the (American) English language, typos etc. And beside an electronic version, you may purchase a “real” book.

When they published my other book, Apress offered a discount of 60% for my existing readers. Maybe this offer is still valid for the JSF book…

Stay tuned!