…and so my blog does.

You may have wondered that I didn’t have written any article within this blog such a long time. Last year I agreed, when apress asked me to publish a new version of my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”. My book had been a living book so far. I frequently added or updated content, depending on my spare time. I didn’t know how much effort it would imply, reaching a “terminated” state and going through the copy-editing process. By the way, I updated the existing stuff. Sorry, but no time for this blog.

When my book “Practical JSF in Java EE 8”  [1] was published end of May, my family send me signals to reduce this work and to find some more time for the family. More than that, I spend nearly all of my time with my family and hobbies: Some time ago I bought an excellent camera for my congress reports. Using such a camera, you might discover unexpected details when taking photos from the macro perspective. And even better with good (bust costly) objectives, I recorded details of insects and other stuff. I produced fascinating photos that I like to share. I discovered a photo shop system that I started to use as part of my domain (photo.mueller-bruehl.de [2]). You may purchase my photos of nature and insects at the lowest earnings the platform provider suggested. And I created download packages with up to 71% discount. Purchasing a photo, you support me to by even better equipment for more detailed photos which I will share. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Beside photography I started to learn scuba diving together with two of my kids. The time consuming training has nearly finished.

The creative pause is over and its time to continue this blog. Two days ago, I updated the link to my book – till then I still presented my old one, which you cannot purchase any more.

During all that time, a lot happened. Oracle donated NetBeans to the Apache foundation and Jave EE to the Eclipse foundation.

Sadly the donation of NetBeans became effective just when the NetCAT (NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing) of version 9 started. As an Apache project, all intellectual properties needed to be cleared before continuing the delivery process. Even though this delayed the delivery process, we may be lucky of this donation: It enables the community (including you) to drive the complete development. Apache NetBeans (incubating) has been released on the 29th of July, 2018. You’ll find it on its new web site [3]. The additional tools for the Java EE package are part of a second donation and are not available yet. But if you want to develop JEE applications, you may add the existing plugins of the former version.

Java EE is a brand of Oracle. And even if they donated Java EE to the Eclipse foundation, the community is not allowed to use this brand. It became the Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J) project [4]. After a voting process, its new product name became Jakarta EE. Nicely this might be abbreviated as JEE, like the former version. Eclipse foundation hosts an interesting FAQ for this topic [4].

Ok, this writing will be enough for the restart (or continuation) of my blog. Even though it is my first after the break, I’ll promise, it would not be the last one.

Stay tuned!


[1] apress.com/de/book/9781484230299
[2] photo.mueller-bruehl.de
[3] netbeans.apache.org
[4] eclipse.org/ee4j/faq.php