The fourth edition of JavaLand had been on March 28th + 29th 2017. JavaLand is one of the biggest Java Congresses in Europe and is hosted in my home town. Yesterday I wrote my reports for an online channel as well as for a German printed magazine. Here I’ll blog about it from three personal perspectives.

I’m a NetBeans Dream Team Member, a member of the JSF expert group and an author. These are the three perspectives. In the last role, I write for a couple of different publishers, but here I’m reporting from the role of being a Heise author.

NetBeans Dream Team

A couple of NetBeans Dream Team members were involved in the current issue of JavaLand. First of all, I need to mention Markus Eisele, who had been responsible for the great conference program.

A couple of NetBeans Dream Team members talked at JavaLand. Geertjan Wielenga’s subject was “From AngularJS to Oracle JET”. As usual, he showed the famous interaction from NetBeans with the browser. Ivar Grimstad demonstrated the current state of MVC. This framework formerly had been part of Java EE 8, but was kicked out by Oracle. Currently, this project is in the final state of transition to Ivar. Ivar mentioned NetBeans being the best IDE to develop MVC. Anton Epple hold two talks, one called “hack your toothbrush” affecting the Internet of things and the second about Java on the client. Sadly Arun Gupta’s talk about Docker container orchestration was canceled due to personal reasons. And last but not least myself, talking about the JShell and its integration into NetBeans.

Michael Simons represented his user group at the JUG café (with the red/black shirt). And I’m sure, some more NetBeans Dream Team members attended this conference.

JSF Expert Group

Usually a couple of JSF expert group members meet in the early adapters area of JavaLand. This time we celebrated the JSF 2.3 release. JSF 2.3 final is shipped to JCP and Maven Central. The picture shows the cake cutting ceremony at JavaLand.

All of us were involved in the current editon of JavaLand. I mentioned my talk above. Get the slides in my previous article.

Ed Burns, one of the two JSF spec leads gave a class on the workshop day, which immediately followed the main conference. And Bernd Müller had been member of the program committee.

Heise Author

A couple of authors writing for Heise and its subsidiaries hold their talks at JavaLand or where involved in some other way. I suggested to arrange a short meeting to meet each other in person. Alexander Neumann of Heise arranged a round table and more than 10 authors attended. Sadly there have been two different cafés and such another handful of authors met each other at the other café.

One of the authors, Thorben Janssen proudly presented the first printed copy of his new book “Hibernate Tips”. I just started to read this book. Once I finished, I’ll write a review.

Of course, there is a fourth perspective: From the attendee’s point of view. That’s what I wrote about for the other channels. In a few words: I learned interesting new stuff and met a couple of nice people. And coming to the perspective of being a JUG Cologne member: Some of these people promised me to talk at out local JUG.

I’m looking forward to the next edition of JavaLand. See you there on March 20th/21th 2018.