Since beginning of 2012, I track visits of my web site to generate some anonymous statistics. This is done by using Piwik on my local server. To keep your privacy, only shortened IP addresses are recorded by this tracking system.

I’m going to present some key-figures, which might be interesting to know about. My blog is almost about computer science, especially web development. Developers may prefer other systems and devices than users with different interests. Thus, these key-figures cannot be generalized. They only represent data about visitors of my blog.

For every category, I present two diagrams. The first one displays key-figures of 2012, the second one represents 2013.


In 2012 most visitors have been located in Germany. In 2013 the greatest fraction was located in the United States. Although the total count of visits increased about 6%, there had been less visits from Germany. In 2012, I started to write my tutorial both in English and German. Later on, I decided to continue in English only. This might be the reason why I lost some visits from Germany.

Operating System

Windows 7 was the dominating system in both years. Windows XP lost and Linux became the second biggest fraction. What about Windows 8? It increased a bit and is part of the growing “Others” portion. Within the first three weeks of 2014 Windows 8 became the number 3 portion whilst Windows XP moved to the “Others” fraction. Windows 7 lost a bit, too. But just three weeks aren’t enough, to achieve credible figures.


Both Firefox and Internet Explorer lost against Chrome. This trend continued during the first weeks of 2014.


The biggest portion joined from NetBeans including Planet NetBeans. This is just a part of the truth. These charts display referrers only. Apx. three quarters   of the total visits are direct entries or results of a search engine.


The most visited part of my blog (and, of course, the biggest part too) is my tutorial web development with JSF (with examples using NetBeans). I’m going to continue, whenever I’ll get time to do. Please let me know, whether this is still subject of your interest or whether there are different topics you like to read about.