Since beginning of 2012, I track visits of my web site to generate some anonymous statistics. This is done by using Piwik on my local server. To keep your privacy, only shortened IP addresses are recorded by this tracking system.

I’m going to present some key-figures, which might be interesting to know about. My blog is almost about computer science, especially web development. Developers may prefer other systems and devices than users with different interests. Thus, these key-figures cannot be generalized. They only represent data about visitors of my blog.

For the first time, I presented such key figures two years ago [1].

I started to count the page visitors at the beginning of 2012. Because the graph displays 5 years, 2011 is counted zero.

VisitorsBoth visits (red) and page views (blue) increased from year to year. But I’m still waiting for the first day with more than 500 visits or more than 1000 page views.

The visitor location of 2015 is comparable to the last key figures (2013).

VisitorLocation2015The top four locations are still the same, but the portion of the others increased. It seems, my blog is interesting to more parts of the world. Thank you for visiting!

Same for visitor’s browser: Chrome still in front, followed by Firefox and Internet Explorer.

VisitorBrowser2015But Chrome’s predominance increased. Nearly half of the visitors used this browser in 2015.

Looking at the operating systems, a significant change becomes visible:

OperatingSystems2015Windows 7 is still used by half of the visitors. But Windows XP has gone. It’s used rarely and is counted within Others now. But what about Windows 10? Is is one of the systems mentioned within Others. But if we take a look onto December 2015 only, the raise of this version becomes visible.

OperatingSystemsDecember2015Especial Windows 7 will be replaced by this new version.

Last but not least, most visitors directly visit my page or use a search engine. Less than 20% are directed from referrer websites to my blog. But, if I take a detailed look to the referrer websites, more than half originate from the NetBeans sites, especial planetnetbeans,org.