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JavaLand 2015 & Java aktuell

Last week I visited JavaLand 2015. This great software conference [1] with lot of community activities resides in my home town Brühl [2]. Beside attending lots of tracks I had the opportunity to meet a couple of people face-to-face like Ed Burns (JSF Spec Lead), Geertjan Wielenga (NetBeans product manager), Arun Gupta (Java EE evangelist) […]

NetBeans Nightly

Do you want to be on the bleeding edge and use NetBeans nightly builds? Then you might have noticed that the last version is still of July, 9th. There is a technical problem uploading the bits to the usual location. But, nightly builds are still available. Try to get it directly from the Hudson server […]

Select NetBeans user dir during installa...

If you have a Windows environment with server side profiles, you still have a local user profile, which is synchronized with the server during startup and shutdown. It takes the more time the more data is stored in the profile. Thus, it is helpfull to move NetBeans user dir (and cache dir) to a location […]

CSS3 at

Have you seen my interactive book list at Behind the scenes it is a JSF application. I announced, to write about the techniques from time to time. Today a bit about layout. I use, as you might belive, CSS. And some of the hot CSS3 features. Here is the part to create the fixed […]

The fall

The path from Almáciga to the coastal road winds its way down the steep slope. A villager comes the way up. He is in no hurry and remains at a railing to let us pass. At the next bend in ways we have a magnificent panorama. Perfect for a photo. The slope falls steeply down, […]

No more Google AdSense

The operation of a Web server costs a lot.  And so I had kept a little space for advertising, hoping to cover a small portion of operating costs. And in the period from November to March the "huge amount" of just over 50 € has come about. Until Google locked to the account for allegedly […]

Reviews online

Reviews online

After some of my write-ups had been published by diverse magazines, one publisher send me a note that they puplished a review online too. Recently I discovered some more of my reviews published in the web. What a pitty! I had not been informed. Since these reviews are written in German I first linked my […]