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Source code available

I finished the chapter “Internationalization and Localization” of my book “Web Development with Java and JSF” [1] . Now the book reached about 250 pages. Source code for the applications as described so far is available from [2]. Developed with the current version of NetBeans and GlassFish.   [1] [2] launched launched

Today I launched my new web site This site is related with my book “Web Development with Java and JSF”, which is a superset of my “Tutorial web development (with JSF)”. In fact, this book contains much more info than my tutorial. By now, there isn’t much content on my new site. However, source […]

Web Development with Java and JSF

Developing web applications with Java, JavaServer Faces and NetBeans had been a great pleasure (and success) to me for a couple of years, when I first wanted to write a book about JSF in late 2010. At this time, I got in touch with some German publishers. My goal was to write apx. 200-250 pages […]

JSF and Bean Validation issue

JSF and Bean Validation issue

To prevent injections and other attacks, input validation is a kind of must. JSF supports this by its own validator concept. Beside this, JSF takes advantage of Bean Validation (JSR 349): You may define constraints within your class, e.g. an entity. JSF will call this validation for every field or getter which is annotated with […]

JSF: Invalidate session

To preserve state, a cookie with a session id is send to the client’s browser. During the next request, this cookie is transmitted to the server. By this, the server is able to restore state. For security reasons, it is good practice to renew this session number once the user logs in or out.

CDI issue using GlassFish 4

In my former post about a “CDI issue using GlassFish” [1] I talked about a problem which seems to be widely spread . So far, I recognized a lot of visits, and some people reported similar problems in their comments. Beside the possible solution I described in my blog, memory tuning seemed to help. Read […]

Joining Java Streams

Java 8 introduced some impressive new features. Lambdas in conjunction with Streams finally support a functional style of programming. But, unlike LINQ of the .NET world, there is no operator to join streams. Thus, I tried to join streams manually. My approach is to use second a stream in a lambda expression within a map […]