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Beginning Java

Back in 2015 I created 4 sibling books about software development. Each two beginners and advanced books. One pair about Java development, the other about C#. For a couple of years, these books had just a title, but content. After finishing my JSF book and after all the sad things which devoured my spare time […]

Data base tables

Within this blog, and especially within my book “Practical JSF in Java EE 8” [1] I described the Books project. Some listings show the structure of the tables which are used by this app. But I did not describe all every table. In my poor opinion I assumed, it would be very simple to create […]

JShell at JavaLand – Slides

JShell at JavaLand – Slides

Yesterday I had my talk at JavaLand. It was all about Java 9’s great JShell, its API and a short view at its integration within NetBeans. Mathias had been so nice to take this snapshot of my talk. Although I prepared a lot of slides, I showed only a few one and demonstrated the JShell […]

Parallel 2015

For the second time, I visited the parallel conference (Parallel2015) [1]. This conference gave a great inside into the state of art of parallel and concurrent programming. Read my report online [2] (Ger). I talked about “Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams”. You may download my slides from this site [3] (Ger). To prepare my talk, […]

JavaLand 2015 & Java aktuell

Last week I visited JavaLand 2015. This great software conference [1] with lot of community activities resides in my home town Brühl [2]. Beside attending lots of tracks I had the opportunity to meet a couple of people face-to-face like Ed Burns (JSF Spec Lead), Geertjan Wielenga (NetBeans product manager), Arun Gupta (Java EE evangelist) […]