Last month, Geertjan and me talked at JUG Cologne. After he presented new NetBeans features, I talked about Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams. On the same day, I presented my book about this issue. Unlike my JSF book, I wrote about this matter in German.

If you missed some fresh articles about JSF or NetBeans on this blog, there is a simple reason: During the last weeks, I translated my book into English. And it became ready last weekend.

I’m proud to announce my new book “Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams”.

title_page_lambdas_mediumIf you like to learn about this matter, you may purchase your copy at

You’ll get this book until Dec. 20th 2015 for an introductory price (33% off) if you use this coupon:



BTW, the operation of this blog costs a lot of money. By buying one of my books, you support me to operate this blog.