I’m owning a PDA / Smartphone (XPERIA pro) of Sony Ericson. You may read books with it, but only landscape. You’ll see only a 1/4 to 1/3 of the page. Not very comfortable. I’m a frequent reader and wanted to shrink some big books into a handy format. Thus, I ordered a Sony PRS-T1, which was reported to be one of the best readers. I hoped to reade whole pages on a mobile device.

Then I became disappointed:

Even though it is eInk nicht, the background isn’t white but grey. If you have only litttle light, you nearly can’t read the display. It didn’t help to change brightness and contrast. In the sunlight, this display might be better than the one of the PDA, but I couldn’t compare at the current rainy weather..

Changing a page results in apx. 1/2 s horrible flickering. But this shall be normal for (all) eBook readers. 🙁

Using portrait, the whole page is visible but hardly readable. The display resolution is not high enough. It’s 600 pixel, whilst the PDA (using landscape which is a comparable width) displays 848 pixel. And you can see the difference clearly. Only using the reader in landscape format will display a readable text. But then it displays only half a page.

Reader LandscapeResolution Reader (Portrait, width apx. 8.5 cm) 600×800
Resolution PDA (Landscape, width apx . 8.1 cm) 848×480


You’ll see the difference at the images.


Conclusion: The current generation might be quite ok for pocket book or novells. For specialised book with a bigger page size, the resolution is to low to display a downsized page. If at the same outer size of a reader the resolution raises up to at least 900 x 1200 pixels and the backgroud gets brighter, then I’ll think again about buying one. I’ll give back the current one.