I frequently read books about computer science. The reviews I wrote are published in diverse magazines or online. On the following pages you'll find all of these books with a short summary and a hint where it is published. If the review is online, you'll get a link.

The reviews are structured by these themes:

Java as well as Dot.NET deals with the particular ecosystem, which means programming languages, technologies, IDE and more. Books, which fits more than one category may appear mor than once. Within one category, the reviews are orderd by the date of publishing respectivly creation (latest one appears first).

If a book is written in German, I haven't translated the short description.

As a special service for you, I linked the cover images to Amazon, which enables you to buy directly if you're interested in a book. Certainly you may buy the books from any store.

If you like a write-up for other new books, please let me know. If the subject fits, I may read this book and create a write-up.

I researched all details carefully. Nevertheless I cannnot guarantee they are all free of any error. If you discover any one, please let me know.