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Web Development with Java and JSF: Bean Validation

As stated before, Books is an application, maintained by just one author, who should know about the expected data. Thus, there is no user interface with immediate response after each input or lots of hints. Of course, those features are … Continue reading

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NetBeans 8.0.1 translated

Looking for a French, Spanish, German or other translation? Just a few days after its release, NetBeans 8.0.1 is available for a couple of different languages [1].   [1] http://bits.netbeans.org/netbeans/8.0.1/community/

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Using Lambda expressions with JSF 2.2

JSF 2.2 comes in conjunction with EL 3.0. This version of the expression language offers a rarely known highlight: It is capable of using lambda expressions and streams. Even thought defined withing the Jave EE 7 spec (and not Java … Continue reading

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Tutorial web development (with JSF) XIV – Security Part III

Now, after we’ve addressed basic log-in with simple file realm, I want to move on by exchanging the authentication method. Remember, this tutorial is about web development with JavaServer Faces. All I showed for container based security so far, is … Continue reading

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NetBeans enhancements

I suggested some NetBeans enhancements. If you like such features too, please vote for them: Test code usually is separated from productive code, e.g. by usage of two folders like java/main and java/test. It is common to place test in … Continue reading

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