Contribute to NetBeans (and other projects)

You may support open source projects by contributing comments, bug reports, wish lists or code etc.

For the current release of NetBeans, I only reported some bugs. This is a partial result of these contributions: “Contribute to NetBeans (and other projects)” weiterlesen

NetCAT 7.2 starts today

For the future release 7.2 of NetBeans, today the Community Acceptance Testing (NetCAT) starts. This is your opportunity to participate on development of this IDE: Use an early version right now and report bug to the NetBeans team or submit suggestions for imnprovement.

If you like to paricipate, subscribe the mailinglist [0] and register yourself at NetCAT 7.2 wiki [1].

In my booklist [2] you’ll find books about NetBeans.


NetBeans 7.2 rocks

In the current iX 03.2012 you’ll find my article about new features of NetBeans 7.1. Beside lots of positive features , I mentioned one drawback: Sometimes project san during IDE startup takes a long time.

Using NetBeans 7.2, which is scheduled for 3.Q 2012, this will change: The scan is performed faster and running in background.

On the road to this release, version 7.1.1 is now available at

Back to life

Ok, I not only survived a horrible breakdown. I need to be a bit patient and hopefully I’ll be fully restored. Time to talk about life cycle. Lifecycle of JSF. Not a full-fledged article yet, but a tutorial to find out by yourself. “Back to life” weiterlesen