Java Lambdas and Parallel Streams: collect()

I’m proud to announce an enhanced edition of my book “Java Lambdas and Parallel Streams” [1].

I added a chapter about the collect() method of the stream interface with respect to Java concurrency. Understand how to collect data or to write your own Collector, which is capable to run in concurrency without special synchronization.

If you’ve purchased my book before, this update is available for download. If you haven’t purchased my book so far, this is a great opportunity to buy it now. For the present I kept the minimal price unchanged. And all future updates will be available for download.

Enjoy reading!



NetBeans and the Java Platform Shell

In my last blog [1], I showed, how to use the upcoming Java Shell within a NetBeans terminal window. By now, this is fine using Linux. Using Windows, you need to install cygwin to run a terminal window, because the native windows prompt is not supported yet. And launching JShell within the NetBeans (cygwin) terminal still has a display issue. Today I tried an alternative: The Java Platform Shell. Continue reading “NetBeans and the Java Platform Shell”

JSF composite components

Let’s assume, we use JSF to write an application which offers a simple registration form. This form queries the user for his first name, last name, and email. The page definition might be similar to the one following, but can’t we avoid the repetition of code? Continue reading “JSF composite components”

Multi carets editing

NetBeans 8.2 is scheduled to be released end of summer 2016. One popular feature is called pin watches. During a debug session you may define several watches in the variable window to view the current content of a variable or value expression. With pin watches you may pin such a watch directly to the source code. Amongst others Geertjan described this amazing feature in his blog [1].

Today I’m going to describe another upcoming feature, which is yet available if you download a nightly build [2]: Editor Multicarets. Continue reading “Multi carets editing”