NetBeans 8.0.1 bundled with GlasfFish 4.0.1

Since today, the NetBeans latest build [1] is available bundled with GlassFish 4.0.1 (build 09).

GlassFish 4.0.1 includes newer versions of JSF, CDI and more. And, the most important fact: You can launch it using Java 8. Continue reading

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NetBeans Nightly

Do you want to be on the bleeding edge and use NetBeans nightly builds?

Then you might have noticed that the last version is still of July, 9th. There is a technical problem uploading the bits to the usual location. But, nightly builds are still available.

Try to get it directly from the Hudson server [1]. Just one little drawback: Only the zip version is available, not the installer. But, it should be no problem to use this distribution ;-)



Update: A couple of hours after this post, NB nightly became functional again [2]. Keep the link above for further usage.



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Web Development with Java and JSF

I just published the first version of my book “Web Development with Java and JSF” (and with a bit of NetBeans too) [1]. It’s in an early state now. Start reading yet and get all updates for free.





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Web Development with Java and JSF

Developing web applications with Java, JavaServer Faces and NetBeans had been a great pleasure (and success) to me for a couple of years, when I first wanted to write a book about JSF in late 2010. At this time, I got in touch with some German publishers. My goal was to write apx. 200-250 pages about this subject, nothing more. “No thanks, too special” had been the common answer. And: “Great. Add some more pages, e.g, another thousand, and write about the whole Java Enterprise edition. Keep JSF smaller than 200 pages.” Frustrating answers. Continue reading

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JSF and Bean Validation issue

To prevent injections and other attacks, input validation is a kind of must. JSF supports this by its own validator concept. Beside this, JSF takes advantage of Bean Validation (JSR 349): You may define constraints within your class, e.g. an entity. JSF will call this validation for every field or getter which is annotated with a constraint. Every field? No, there is a strange behavior. Continue reading

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