DukeScript, Lambdas & Streams

Today’s applications are commonly designed for the web or mobile devices. The Java Enterprise Edition defines JavaServer Faces as UI technology. Important parts of my blog discuss this topic, for example my web development with JSF tutorial (see menu). JSF is a UI technology for the browser, like Swing is a UI technology for the desktop client.

DukeScript is a UI technology which uses HTML on top of a (minimal) virtual machine. This can be the JVM for the desktop, bck2brwsr for the browser, Dalvik for Android, or some other. As consequence, DukeScript might be used to run Java everywhere. Altogether it is an impressive technology.

Java Lambdas and Streams are brilliant features too. Introduced with Java 8, they allow you to write your code with a concise functional style.

Do you like to dive deeper into these fascinating technologies? Get the books „Java everywhere“ and „Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams“ bundled together for a special price [1].

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Beginning NetBeans

Geertjan Wielenga (NetBeans product manager) wrote a book about the NetBeans IDE. When NetBeans 8.1 was released, my review German review about his book had been published [1]. Now, I found some time to write an English review, too. Read about it on my review site [2].

[1] heise.de/developer/artikel/Beginning-NetBeans-IDE-2878263.html

[2] it-rezension.de/Books/user/review.xhtml?bookId=225&language=en

WebSite key figures

Since beginning of 2012, I track visits of my web site to generate some anonymous statistics. This is done by using Piwik on my local server. To keep your privacy, only shortened IP addresses are recorded by this tracking system.

I’m going to present some key-figures, which might be interesting to know about. My blog is almost about computer science, especially web development. Developers may prefer other systems and devices than users with different interests. Thus, these key-figures cannot be generalized. They only represent data about visitors of my blog. “WebSite key figures” weiterlesen

NetBeans and Java EE: Localized Bean Validation

Bean Validation is part of the Java EE 7 specification. Some usage is described  in my book Web Development with Java and JSF, [1] and a full description of the Bean Validation is available at [2].

Bean Validation might be used for validation in JSF too. Behind the scenes, there is a lot to do: JSF must discover whether Bean Validation is used and invoke it if needed. The essence of this invocation is shown in a short code snippet which demonstrates the principle. “NetBeans and Java EE: Localized Bean Validation” weiterlesen