NetBeans 8.2 available

During the last days, most news about NetBeans had been about the transition to Apache. Luckily this did not affect the ongoing development. NetBeans 8.2 had been successfully tested and is available now [1]. If you still get NetBeans 8.1 displayed, then simply refresh your page (in most browsers by hitting the F5 key). Continue reading “NetBeans 8.2 available”

NetBeans goes Apache – Incubation reached

On October, 1st 2016, NetBeans became an official Apache Incubator project. A full list of all incubator projects is available at [1]. I assume that the project page (which is quite shortly today) will present much information soon [2]. Continue reading “NetBeans goes Apache – Incubation reached”

Next talks

I’m going to speak at the PCSI annual conference in Dublin on 5th October 2016.

Web based Hospital Communication via Data Portal [1]

A quick view onto structured hospital communication. I’m not going to talk about technical details at this conference. But I can tell you, the portal is developed using the NetBeans IDE.

And at the JavaLand conference in Brühl on 29th March 2017.

JShell: Javas interaktive Schale als neues Juwel [2]

This talk is about Java’s new jewel, the JShell. I’m going to show the standalone shell as well as its tight integration into the NetBeans IDE.