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Using Lambda expressions with JSF 2.2

JSF 2.2 comes in conjunction with EL 3.0. This version of the expression language offers a rarely known highlight: It is capable of using lambda expressions and streams. Even thought defined withing the Jave EE 7 spec (and not Java … Continue reading

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NetBeans 8 contribution

Due to less time, I sadly could only contribute a small amount to NetBeans 8. Following is the report, I received today. Get inspired to contribute too.

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Joining Java Streams

Java 8 introduced some impressive new features. Lambdas in conjunction with Streams finally support a functional style of programming. But, unlike LINQ of the .NET world, there is no operator to join streams. Thus, I tried to join streams manually. … Continue reading

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Java 8 & NetBeans 8

The official Java 8 release was published today. If you have already installed the Java 8 FCS version, build 132, then usually there is no need to download the current version. It’s almost the same, except some commercial features like … Continue reading

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Tutorial web development (with JSF) XV – Security with JDBCRealm

Ok, we secured our JSF web application by using a JSF form. The user information is still stored in a flat text file. But as stated before, your application server provides more. This lesson, we move forward to GlassFish’s JDBCRealm, … Continue reading

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