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NetBeans and Java EE

NetBeans [1] is a free IDE, which originally focused on Java. Thinking of web development, the developer also needs to deal at least with CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Thinking of the JVM, there are Clojure, Groovy, Scala and others. NetBeans … Weiterlesen

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JSF LoopProblem

I inserted a chapter called Intermezzo into my book, which tackles some common aspects of JSF. Unlike the other chapters it is not specific to one of the discussed web applications. Today I described a problem with repetitive structures. A … Weiterlesen

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Parallel 2015

For the second time, I visited the parallel conference (Parallel2015) [1]. This conference gave a great inside into the state of art of parallel and concurrent programming. Read my report online [2] (Ger). I talked about „Java Lambdas and (parallel) … Weiterlesen

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JavaLand 2015 & Java aktuell

Last week I visited JavaLand 2015. This great software conference [1] with lot of community activities resides in my home town Brühl [2]. Beside attending lots of tracks I had the opportunity to meet a couple of people face-to-face like … Weiterlesen

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NetBeans Day in Germany

On this page you may get a free ticket for the NetBeans Day in Germany on March 16th 2015 [1]. At the time of this writing, only 12 tickets are remaining. [1]

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