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My name is Michael Müller. I had the first contact with a computer during a stay in England 1979. Proudly they presented me an Apple microcomputer. At that time, electronics had been a great hobby to me and beside school I started jobbing in a TV shop 1980. Via electronics I came to digital technics and finally to computer science. 1982 I bought my first personal computer, a Commodore CBM 8032 with a great memory of  32 KByte. Even though I made in electronics some years after my university entrance diploma, I concentrated on software development, which still is a main part of my today’s activities.

In 1983, beside CBM 8032 I had a Commodore 64. With this machines and additional once from friends, I worked as an associate professor in further education. Later on the institute could use computers from my former school. So carrying ended.

Pet2001Apx. by this time I got a Commodore PET 2001. It was out of order, but with the help of my experience I simply could repair it. Today it still shows some characters on screen. Nothing meaning-full anymore. And my CBM 8032 is out of order since my cellar was flooded.

This picture shows the PET 2001 how it looks today.

Later on, I produced a lot of software for the DOS, like online control of measurement devices, product controlling, invoicing, inventory control. For more than 20 years I’m now working full-time in the domain of healthcare IT. First with some lab info systems, where I worked on main parts of a brand new system (at that time) and today at the Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus. There, complex specialized software has to be developed to support the annual refinement process. As head of development, I have to manage a couple of projects, but beside administrative work, I still wear the cap of a architect and developer.

During these years, I not only had to learn a couple programming languages, but a lot of soft skills, consulting and project management. Beside that, I’m still interested in learning new topics of computer science and healthcare. This is the reason to read lots of books and write reviews. You’ll find them printed or online as well as mentioned in this blog and on my site it-rezension.de. And I’m still interested in common computer technics. This is the reason to operate this blog system including server and some other stuff by myself. As far as I get time by my family.


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  1. Sam Williams sagt:

    I’d just like to write up a quick email to tell you how much use your JSF book has been to me, I’ve been severely struggling with learning the concepts of JSF but after buying your book a couple of nights ago and feel that I’ve been able to make the first bit of real progress in quite a while!
    You really help describe things in a easy to understand way and I just wanted to personally thank you for putting together such a wonderful licence of literature, I’d literally been pulling my hair out previously!
    Thanks again,

    • Michael Müller sagt:

      Hi Sam,

      It’s really great to hear, that my book is helpful to people like you. And it’s incitation to keep on writing. I’m going to write some more chapters. With your license, you’re able to download future updates.

      Thanks for your feedback!


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