Introduction into JSF

At Java User Group Cologne, I hold a JSF Session (introduction into JSF 2.0 and a short forecast to JSF 2.2) . For the live parts, I used NetBeans to demonstrate code and applications. You’ll find some of this code in my current JSF articles [1].

For the talk, I prepared some slides (German) at abstract level. You’ll get them here [2].

Feel free to use them for private purpose. For commercial purpose, please contact me.


[2] JSF_Einfuehrung

NetBeans proposal: Unified method to create projects

During the current NetCAT game, I pointed out that division of projects into categories is not logical. While Ant based Java project resides under Java > Java Application (category > concrete project type), the Maven based one can be found under Maven > Java Application (Maven > concrete project type). I suggested to join both wizards and let user choose the build system in a new wizard step.

Jiří Kovalský (NetBeans quality manager) requested me to file an issue. I just did it. Issue #224999 [1]

If you want to second this, please feel free to vote for it.



Interview with Arun Gupta (English original)

In the occasion of his new book “Java EE 6 pocket Guide”, I hold a short interview with the author, Arun Gupta. My book-review is going to be publiched in Java Magazin 05.2013.

Here the original version of the interview is:

Hi Arun, you just published “Java EE 6 Pocket Guide”. Java EE 6 became alive three years ago and many books have been published since. What was your intention to write such a book right now? Continue reading “Interview with Arun Gupta (English original)”

NetBeans and Java JDK 7u11

Due to a vunerability of Java 7 it is highly recommended to update to Java 7u11.

If you’re going to start NetBeans after installing this JDK and installing the previous versions, NetBeans might alert that it doesn’t find this JDK. You may avoid problems by editing netbeans.conf in the NetBeans/etc folder.

Simply replace the JDK home (make sure to have rights to write to this file)

netbeans_jdkhome="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_11"

Interview with Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta published his book “Java EE 6 Pocket Guide”. I asked him some questions about this book and his intentions. The full interview is published by JAXenter [1]. Maybe they will publish the original English version on their English site too.