Tutorial web development (with JSF) VIII: Backstage

In a traditional application, usually the application itself is responsible for the presentation. Even if you should use a special display sever such as X, it is still controlled by the application.

Unlike in a web application. Here the data is passed to a browser, which takes care of the presentation. To do such, the server packs the content to display into in a (X) HTML document. In addition, the server may provide some layout information in the form of cascading style sheets (CSS). Then, everything else is up to the browser. And just as there are different browsers, the representation can be different. The continuous development of standards ensures here fortunately a gradual convergence. But, if the user keeps a local CSS here, then the presentation again might be different. Continue reading “Tutorial web development (with JSF) VIII: Backstage”

Rename property

In Java development, if you have a private attribute with corresponding public getter/setter pair, this is usually treated as just one property. NetBeans has the ability to rename this getter and all it’s occurrencies in the Java sources. The same way, NetBeans supports to rename the setter.

Within a JSF page, you just use this getter/setter pair as a single attribute. How shall NetBeans perform a rename? It can’t. But if NetBeans would rename both, getter and setter, with just one refactoring step, it would be able to rename it within the JSF page too.

If you like such a feature, please support my proposal for enhancement by voting for it here [1].

[1] http://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=224242


In the past, I build up a new JSF based web application, which is out of the scope of this blog. Right now, I’m working to enhance my booklist (it-rezension.de), powered by JSF. Once finished I’ll do what I promised some time ago: I’ll continue my JSF tutorial.

I have to prepare a JSF talk for end of January, and I need some slides. Creating slides and writing an article will go hand in hand. Promised 😉