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Tutorial web development (with JSF): Application “BookReview”, Part I

In my blog, I publish a list of those books, I wrote a review for. Every book will be displayed in a table with this information: Title Subtitle Author(s) Publisher Year Language ISBN Short text Reference to my rewiew These … Continue reading

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GlassFish behind Apache HTTP Server

You may have developed a web application using JSF or other techniques, wich runs on an application server and should be reachable from the internet. You might configure your AppServer, e.g. GlassFish, listening on port 80 directly. Usually it is … Continue reading

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JSF, mark required fields

Don’t you know this: You have an application using some dialogs and each dialog contains some required fields and some, whiche are not mandatory. To disinguish these two kinds of fields, the required fields should be marked, e.g. with an … Continue reading

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Tutorial JSF, NetBeans 7.1

In the last part of my tutorial I denoted which follows next. Then, I used a new editor, which damaged all the source code parts. I re-created them and continued with the English translation. I’ll finish the translation before I’ll … Continue reading

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