Talks at JUG Cologne

On Nov. 23, Geertjan and me talked at JUG Cologne [1]. Apx. 50 members joined the talks. Thanks for your interest!

Beside a lot of cool Java features, Geertjan presented the improved HTLM5/JavaScript and Node.js support. NetBeans bidirectional interaction with the Chrome browser is really impressive.

Geertjan just described his impressions of the talks in his blog [2].

My talk was a slightly extended version of a talk I first hold at the parallel conference. Get the slides from my former blog [3].

Do you like to read more about Lambdas & Streams? Then you might purchase my  new book [4]. This is a German edition. The English edition will be available soon.



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NetCAT 8.1 over

NetBeans 8.1 is available now. And by this, the NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program ended. NetCAT is a great opportunity to everybody who is interested in improving this great IDE.

Participate the the next NetCAT game too! Your activities will be valuable and you’ll get feedback. Following is the feedback I just received about some of my activities.

And thanks to the NetBeans team, who did a great job! Weiterlesen

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NetBeans 8.1 is available

NetBeans 8.1 is available for download [1].

It offers some improvements for the Java language like enhanced auto complete, refactoring, and a simple setup for the profiler. Other enhancements affect C/C++ and PHP programming.

The biggest improvement of this version is the topped support for HTML5 and JavaScript. Beside client side frameworks like KnockoutJS or AngularJS, NetBeans now offers built-in support for server side JavaScript with Node,js.

Support for testing is enhanced too. Not only the well known support of unit tests for Java and other languages, but Selenium and Arquillian, too.


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Talks at JUGC on Nov. 23th 2015

On Nov. 23th 2015 Geertjan Wielenga and I will talk at JUG Cologne [1].

Talk 1: Geertjan Wielenga, „Free Open Source Tools for Maven, HTML5, IoT and Java EE“
Talk 2: Michael Müller, „Java Lambdas and (parallel) Streams“ Weiterlesen

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NetBeans and Java EE: Download and compile JSF

Mojarra is the name of the JavaServer Faces reference implementation. In September 2015 the source moved from a Subversion based control system to a Git based server. This blog explains, how to download and compile the bleeding JSF version. Weiterlesen

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