Using Lambda expressions with JSF 2.2

JSF 2.2 comes in conjunction with EL 3.0. This version of the expression language offers a rarely known highlight: It is capable of using lambda expressions and streams. Even thought defined withing the Jave EE 7 spec (and not Java 8), you can still use these cool features! Continue reading

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NetBeans 8 contribution

Due to less time, I sadly could only contribute a small amount to NetBeans 8. Following is the report, I received today. Get inspired to contribute too.

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Joining Java Streams

Java 8 introduced some impressive new features. Lambdas in conjunction with Streams finally support a functional style of programming.

But, unlike LINQ of the .NET world, there is no operator to join streams. Thus, I tried to join streams manually. My approach is to use second a stream in a lambda expression within a map operation. Other options are thinkable. Continue reading

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Java 8 & NetBeans 8

The official Java 8 release was published today. If you have already installed the Java 8 FCS version, build 132, then usually there is no need to download the current version. It’s almost the same, except some commercial features like Java Flight Recorder, which are bundled to today’s release. Read Mark Reinhold’s blog about JDK 8: General Availability [1].

NetBeans 8 is available too [2]. Take a look on it’s features by some screen-casts [3].


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Tutorial web development (with JSF) XV – Security with JDBCRealm

Ok, we secured our JSF web application by using a JSF form. The user information is still stored in a flat text file. But as stated before, your application server provides more. This lesson, we move forward to GlassFish’s JDBCRealm, which allows you to store the user information within the database. Continue reading

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