NetBeans Day in Germany

On this page you may get a free ticket for the NetBeans Day in Germany on March 16th 2015 [1]. At the time of this writing, only 12 tickets are remaining.


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Conversation Scope

Our next task is to create a new book entry or to edit an existing one. The book editor shall consist of a tab panel offering one page for the books meta data like title, author, publisher, and one page for each language, where you can edit a review. It must be possible to switch between these pages without loosing data. Not very hard to imagine, that we need a backing bean living longer than just one request. Continue reading

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During the next few moth, I’m going to attend the JavaLand [1] conference as well as the Parallel 2015 [2].

The first one resides in my home town. It’s a conference about various up-to-date Java topics. And you might meet some members of the JSF expert group there. Continue reading

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NetBeans 8.1

NetBeans 8.1 is scheduled for the mid of 2015. By now, most enhancements are included for the frontend (browser) development, like JavaScript frameworks, JavaScript editor, debugging facilities and more. Also support for the server side is enhanced, especial for Node and PHP. Since Java EE offers everything you need for server side programming, I hope there will be remarkable enhancements for this technology too. By now, support for remote WebLogic is integrated. Continue reading

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Select NetBeans user dir during installation

Some years ago, I suggested to add an option during install to select NetBeans UserDir and CacheDir [1]. This still seems to be an issue for other people. Take a look at the comments on my former blog post [2].



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